Monday, June 4, 2012

Back on the grid...back in $AUDUSD...and archery

After being mostly off the grid for the past week, it's good to be back.  But since I'll be in single parent mode for the rest of the week, my trading related activities will be significantly curtailed until next week.

Trading SIM on ES
I'm continuing to trade the ES on SIM, since I realize that I haven't yet completely bought in and committed myself to a specific trading plan that meets my personality and style.  That's probably one of the biggest factors of why I'm having discipline issues (i.e. overtrading).  Therefore, I'm back to the basics, doing homework, trying to figure out what type of timeframe, setups, style, etc., work best for me.  This may continue for quite a while.

Trading live on AUDUSD
However, I'm much more comfortable on the swing trading forex side, and I posted the observation last week of watching the .9665 to .9700 levels for AUDUSD, which continues to be respected.

The entry
After seeing a good setup on AUDUSD earlier today that took place above the .9700 level, I entered a long position at .9716 with a stop at .9690.  At this time, the trade is nearly 2R and once it approaches 3R, I will consider raising the stop to b/e or another appropriate location.
$AUDUSD 15 min
The target(s)
My target is still TBD, although I see some significant levels at the whole numbers of .9800,  .9900, and 1.0000, so I will watch the price action at those areas.  However, I realize that this is a contra-trend trade going against the bearish trend, and that any pullback higher may be very short lived.
$AUDUSD 4 hour
Archery and Trading
While on vacation, I took a short introductory class on archery.  What's very interesting about archery is how similar it is to golf as well as trading.  It's not a reactive sport, so it's up to you when you choose to engage.  But it was pretty clear to see that after you learn the basics and master the fundamentals, the biggest obstacle is then mental.

So when I asked the instructor how critical the mental game is to archery, it wasn't a surprise when he said it's the most critical component during competition.  He brought up an author named Lanny Bassham who wrote a highly rated book called With Winning in Mind: The Mental Management System.

Lanny competed in the International Rifle Shooting event in the 1972 Olympics and came up short with a silver medal.  So he spent the next few years studying Olympic gold medalists, developed his mental management system, and won the gold medal in 1976. 

I have not read the book yet, but I have seen some summary notes online.  It appears that many of the exercises and theories are very similar to what you commonly read in the trading or other sports psychology type books.

I'm getting to the point where everything I read regarding performance psychology makes me feel as if I'm walking around in a big circle -- been there, done that.  Everything is a variation of a few key themes, presented in different ways.  Nothing I read now seems to be truly new or groundbreaking.

So whether it's archery, golf, trading, or any other performance field, there are no secrets on what it takes to become an elite performer. However, just because I know a lot about what I'm supposed to do to improve my mental game, doesn't mean that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do.  There's a big gap.  So it's time to start planning and executing.

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