Thursday, July 28, 2011

ILMN - missed opportunities

Yesterday (7/27), $ILMN turned out to be one of the trades of the day.  Unfortunately, I didn't get in the trade I describe below.  I did get a small profitable trade later in the day, but it's not much to write about.

As I continue to learn, I try to go back and review for any "tells" or setups early in the day, so that I can be prepared the next time I see a similar setup.  Here's a 5 min chart of $ILMN about 35 minutes into the day:
ILMN - 5 min chart
Here are a few thoughts regarding the first 20 minutes (first 4 bars):
  • The premarket low was broken in the first 5 minutes, which was bearish.
  • The 4th bar resulted in a slightly decending but triple overlapping bar (Tom C. wrote about this in the past)
  • The VWAP line was above the price action, providing resistance
  • There was clear support at the $61.50 area
  • TRIGGER: Sell on break of $61.50, stop above $62.25
And based on the time of the snapshot above (7th bar), here is what I'm seeing:
  • A nice narrow inverted red hammer
  • Opportunity to add to this trade (if you took the setup earlier) with a bigger position since stop size is smaller
  • $61.00 was broken (down to $60.86), the price retraced to test the $61 resistance (went as high as $61.28), and has broken back below $61.  In other words, test of the $61 resistance has failed.
  • TRIGGER: Sell on break of $60.95, stop above $61.20
Final notes:
  • I would have exited at least half the position on the sharp move down around 10:30.
  • If you never brought down the stop of the 2nd setup (above $61.20), it never would have been triggered.  
  • In fact, the $60.50 level (a VWAP and Fib level) was never broken the entire day, and the stock closed at $57.33.  
Not a bad risk/reward trade.  Now if I can only catch one of these every day...

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Klaorman said...

I saw this as a hanging man on the 9th 15m bar, nestled against the 5ema, but I didn't take it. Or I didn't see it in time. One or the other.