Friday, August 19, 2011

"Rage to master"

From Dr. Brett's book, "Enhancing Trader Performance", he discusses the concept of fundamental performance fallacy.  An example Dr. Brett gives is that simply practicing the piano 4 hours a day instead of 2 won't necessarily make you better.  I know through my experiences with golf that mindlessly and carelessly practicing the same bad swing more today than yesterday won't make you better tomorrow.  Simply put, hard work alone will not make you into an expert or elite performer.

Then what made elite performers different?

" is a transformation of one's relationship to a performance domain...There is a difference between work and immersion, and it gets at the heart of what competence means to expertise.  It is the difference between painting and becoming a painter, the talent that you have and the talent that has you."

Dr. Brett references a phrase, "rage to master", which comes from a study that investigated talent development and creativity.  It is a "consuming motivation to extend and express one's capacities."  Every day, I feel as though I don't have enough time nor energy to do everything I want to learn and improve my trading.  There have been countless days in the past several months where I am absolutely mentally exhausted by the time I get to sleep.  But I don't think I've worked even a minute.

"Performers don't work because they're motivated, but because they're captivated."

After "blowing up" my account this week, and getting a wake-up call regarding focus and discipline, it's time to take all the pieces that I've learned through 1000+ actual trades in addition to reviewing thousands of other setups, and see what I'm really made of.  I know I have the ability to be successful, so it's time to own this moment.  I will raise my level of discipline and execution to a new level, come Hell or high water.

I possess a rage to master.  This is my decisive moment.  Rehearsal time is over.  Next week, it's showtime.


joshua said...

i don't know if we can curse here, but i would like to say, F*CK YEAH!!!

Grove Under said...

No worries at all, you won't get any freedom of expression censorship from me -- some things are best expressed in very simple terms, just as you stated! Thanks!