Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My swing trade finaly got stopped out, so now what?

It eventually had to end.  My short ES swing trade from last week was stopped out, and although I had my stop loss set at +.25 (so that I can say I never let that +50 point winner turn into a loser, ha ha!), I actually got serious slippage even though it was a SIM trade (surprise, not!).  It was 1 full point slippage...IN MY FAVOR!  Well how about that.  Ended up closing that swing trade with +1.25.

For kicks, here's the daily P&L of that single contract ES swing trade short @ 1198.00 from 9/22:
When will I trade live again?
I'm starting to think that I should start trading live again in December, for maybe a couple weeks or so before the Christmas holidays takes over.  Starting in December gives me a nice clean starting point, and I'll do my best to end the year on a good note.

The rest of this week will likely be difficult for me to trade during the peak morning hours, so I might end up waiting until Monday.  However, this will give me time to start writing down my trading plan as well as my goals. 

For whatever reason, it has only been in the past few days where I can truly "feel" and be comfortable with what my trading plan and strategy should be. 

Now it's time to write everything down, lock them down, focus on the process, and execute the process as flawlessly as possible.  I have absolutely no doubts that if I focus on trading the plan, the profits will follow.
* * * * *
Tuesday, November 29
Total gross profits:  $287.50   +5.75 ES points
Total trades:  7  [3 scratch]
Accuracy:  100.0%
Contracts per trade: 1

A somewhat uneventful day, but one that was profitable.  If I can consistently keep up this type of performance every day for a month, it will be a very respectable month.  The markets seemed to be in tune with the Diamond Setups method and levels.

It was a very steady day where most trades generally moved in my favor almost immediately. I also had a certain feel, and when the trade wasn't working any longer, I correctly exited ahead of the adverse moves for scratch.  Perhaps it was due to my rested state of mind (it has been about a week since I last executed a trade).

These "boring" but yet profitable days are what I would appreciate every day!
* * * * *
Once activity that has helped me to keep focused (and out of trouble) on the overall markets has been to update a 5 minute chart with trendlines and key support/resistance levels.  What's surprising is how well and how often these trendlines line up with the Diamond Setups trades. 

In this example, you can see how the trendlines I drew and extended ended up working well for certain DS setups (see green shaded areas).

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