Friday, April 6, 2012

Going dark - back in a week

I will not be trading next week, so this blog will likely be going dark during that time.  It's also a good time to take a break, given my focus on fatigue and mental meltdowns recently which has also resulted in losses. 

It has been about a year since I started trading full time, so reflecting on what I have learned and to recognize the progress I have made during this tough journey also seems timely.

One area of interest is the performance of my forex swing trading account vs. ES daytrading.  Assuming my open AUDUSD swing is closed now, I'm up around 150% net on that account since the beginning of the year.

However, both my ES daytrading accounts are down a combined 15% net (commissions and revenge trading are the biggest factors) since the beginning of the year.  There are other reasons for this disparity between my forex and ES accounts, but they are mostly psychological.

I will also need to develop longer term trading goals and work my way down to shorter term goals are in alignment.  Somewhere along the way, especially with challenges to my mental game, I've clearly lost my sense of the bigger picture.  Time to revisit.

So without the high intensity required for trading next week, I will be able to give deeper focus and thought to these and other bigger picture topics.  When I return, I will restart with clarity, purpose and a renewed mission.


Jeffrey said...

Just discovered your blog, nice work. Have a good break.

Flowtastical said...

Hi Grove,

I highly recommend Heads Up Baseball by Ken Ravizza. I think it will help you out a ton.

Grove Under said...

Thank you!

Great coincidence. I recently finished the book, and it's a fantastic book. You're absolutely correct, it has the potential to help me a lot.

It's amazing how you can simply replace all the "baseball" words with "trading", and it could be a best seller in the trading world.

I am going to work on many of the exercises next week. Thanks much for the comment!