Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eye-hand "discoordination"

Total gross profits:  $175.00  +3.50 ES points
Total trades:  5 [1 scratch]
Accuracy:  75.0%
Execution score: 40%
Opportunity cost: $+37.50  +0.75 ES point

I started the day with some trades that missed getting filled by a tick or two, which of course turned out profitable.  And that got under my skin.  I had to regroup and throughout the day, I continued to have some execution issues.

It was a case of eye-hand "discoordination"

I could see pretty clearly what the markets were going to be do, so I was generally in tune with the markets. 
However, I couldn't make my hand click what I saw, and then put it into appropriate action in the form of a trade.  Not sure why, but it'll be something I need to continue working on. 

And then there were the conflicting signals

I actually did well today when faced with a conflicting signal by standing aside.  However, the problem with a conflicting signal is that regardless of the outcome, one of your signals will be correct.  And it's so easy to assume that gosh darn it, you know you would have picked the trade that would have worked, right?!?  So then comes the feelings of missing out of a good trade.

Perhaps there are too many conflicting voices in my mind? 

So maybe I need to fire everyone in my mind and start with a new streamlined staff for more direct communications from mind to hand.  Or in more realistic terms, start to focus on a limited number of setups, continue hitting singles, and then start expanding.  But on the other hand, my mind seems to crave trying to make a simple buy/sell/wait decision from complexity.

On the bright side, it was nice to feel as though I was generally in the "zone" and that even with some mishaps, I ended the day positive.  I can only hope that all my "discoordinated" days end profitable!


Tomross58 said...

Hey Grove,,,

Same with me as I have an order in place and it misses by a tic or 2,,,,, and then getting the conflicting signals knowing that one or two will be correct. We were talking about it in the room when we both looked at the 5 min chart to try and get a direction but those head fakes can make me think and thats never good,,,hahaha.
At the end of the day when I look at the opportunities I think wow,,,it looks so easy but in real time it surely is not. So I will only look back without hindsite to drive me nuts but rather look back just to see important levels that I will mark on my charts. I am trading off the tic chart the last couple days and really like it so far but it can be fast and furious,,,,also I still miss out by a tic or two,,,gusee thats part of it. Good luck today and see you in the room.


Grove Under said...

Hi Tom,

Great perspective on how to handle hindsight and to not let it drive you crazy.

Especially since once my mind start to go a little crazy, those darn revenge and rogue trades start coming out of the woodworks.

Good luck for a great week!