Friday, March 2, 2012

Motivation. Drive. Perseverance.

Total gross profits:  $200.00  +4.00 ES points
Total trades:  3 [1 scratch]
Accuracy:  100.0%
Execution score: 100.00%
Opportunity cost: $0.00

Woke up late, baby had mild fever, thoughts that I'll get called back by daycare to pick up sick kid, mini-road-rage caused by a tailgater, slow start getting my charts updated, watched good setups make money without me, choppy narrow range morning, patience tested, ...blah blah blah.  A potential recipe for disaster in the making. 

Deep breath.  Focus.  Patience.

I didn't take my first trade until a bit past noon, and did my best to maintain selectivity for only the best setups. 

Pass.  Nope.  Next!

The next trade was nearly 2 hours later, and when there was a clear reversal signal only minutes later to go long, I quickly scratched the existing trade.  And then I hesitated for a moment.  Why?!?  I regrouped within a few seconds and entered the order to go long.  Reminded myself to just "trade dumb", stay focused, and simply follow the rules.

Process.  Discipline.  Continuous improvement.

One reason why I love trading is because it never seems like you're quite "there."  And just when you think you are really are finally "there", the market will smack you and say, "NOT!"  You need to continuously work hard all the time to get "there."  Otherwise, it's time to retire from the game, whether by choice, or not.

Motivation.  Drive.  Perseverance.

I still have the burning desire to succeed.  The journey continues...


Anonymous said...

you are very very very very lucky, trading is not that easy but investment for 10 years time frame, may be a bit easy.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely working on discipline Good Job. Question for you. To load trade station trades into trader view do you copy and paste or use the file. I cannot seem to get my trades into trade view. Any help would great be appreciated. Thanks and keep writing the help is inspirational.

Grove Under said...

Hi Anon(1):
I'd say it all depends on the definition of lucky. I would say I'm lucky^100 when it comes to my family.

However, I'm still red overall on a net % basis trading over the past year, so I will definitely say "lucky" does not apply for me there.

But if I had backed up the truck and bought at the end of 1989, and sold 10 years later in 1999, then yes, I would definitely consider that lucky and very easy money, indeed. Wish I would have done that...but I wasn't lucky.

And you do make a very valid point, trading isn't easy. Thanks for the comment!

Hi Anon(2):
Thanks for the comment, very much appreciated!

I go into TS's "TradeManager", filter for only the "Filled Orders" status, sort the "Filled" column so that earlier trades are at top, and then press ctrl-A and ctrl-C to copy paste it into Tradervue. Usually works flawlessly for me.

But if you do have problems, contact support at Tradervue, Greg is really awesome!