Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UPDATE: $AUDUSD at +150 // $ES_F pivots respected!

Update on $AUDUSD:
$AUDUSD daily
  • The swing short trade on 3/26 from 1.0521 has gone around 4R (R=initial stop of about 40 pips) for a profit of over +150 pips.
  • Stop loss: I'm now moving the stop loss just above the downtrend line, so that I also lock in a small profit.
  • Target: Initial profit target is currently around 1.0250 (the bottom channel of the downtrend line), at which time I'll reevaluate the target, assuming I'm not stopped out.  Ultimately, the 1.0000 (and lower) still seems possible over the next month.
* * * * *
ESM2 and the pivot levels today:

ESM2 - 5 minute
It was interesting how well the regular trading hours (RTH) pivot levels were "in tune" and respected today. 

On some days, the 24hr pivot level calculations are in tune, so I actually track both. 

However, I don't usually see days like this where every level touched was respected in a meaningful and actionable way.

It's just too bad I did not take as much advantage of this.  But this is yet another example that will go into my memory bank of experiences deep within my subconscious mind.  So that next time, I'll be better prepared.

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